Bowler, Shaun, Gail McElroy, and Stefan Müller. 2018. “Voter Preferences and Party Loyalty under Cumulative Voting: Political Behaviour after Electoral Reform in Bremen and Hamburg.” Electoral Studies 51: 93–102.

Current Research

Party Pledges and Campaign Strategies

“Prospective and Retrospective Salience: A Novel Concept of Campaign Strategies and Policy Preferences” (Winner of the 2018 Manifesto Corpus Conference Best Paper Award).

“Improving the Reliability and Efficiency of Extracting Election Pledges from Political Text: A Combination of Crowdcoding and Automated Sentence Classification.”

Elections and Public Opinion

“Explaining Government Support Throughout the Legislative Cycle: A Comparative Analysis” (with Tom Louwerse; under review).

“Expectations of Coalition Formation in Multi-Party Settings: When Do Voters Get It Right?” (with Shaun Bowler and Gail McElroy).

“Challenger Quality as a Moderator of the Incumbency Advantage in Personalised PR Systems: Applying the Regression Discontinuity Design to Irish Local Elections” (with Michael Jankowski).

Legislative Studies

“The Relationship Between Campaign Effort and Legislative Activity” (with Shaun Bowler and Gail McElroy; under review).

If you would like to get access to the latest version of a paper, feel free to send me an e-mail.


Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Level

Postgraduate Level

Course Instructor

  • 2018: Introduction to Quantitative Text Analysis using Quanteda, WZB Berlin Social Science Center (with Kohei Watanabe): workshop website

  • 2017: Data Wrangling and Visualisation Using R, Trinity Research in Social Science (TRiSS): slides and code


Text Analysis


I am a core contributor to quanteda, an R package for managing and analyzing text, and co-author of the package quanteda.dictionaries which consists of dictionaries for text analysis.

Tutorials and Vignettes

Below are tutorials, cheatsheets, and vignettes I have written with other members of the quanteda team to make quantitative text analysis in R more accessible to users.

Introductions to Text Analysis

Vignettes and Cheat Sheet

Replications Using quanteda

TADA - The Text as Data App

With Michael Jankowski I am a developing TADA - The Text as Data App, a graphical user interface (GUI) for quantitative text analysis. TADA can be accessed online or by running the GUI in R. Feedback is very welcome as the project is work in progress.

Curriculum Vitae

Extensive CV (PDF)


2015–Current Trinity College Dublin:
PhD Candidate in Political Science
2014–2015 Trinity College Dublin:
M.Sc. in Politics and Public Policy (First class honors)
2011–2014 University of Bonn:
B.A. in Politics and Sociology (Summa cum laude)

Work Experience

2015–Current Trinity College Dublin, Department of Political Science:
Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant
2014 German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP):
Intern in Research Division “EU External Relations”
2013–2014 Bonn Academy for Research and Teaching of Applied Politics:
Student assistant
2012–2014 University of Bonn, Institute of Political Science and Sociology:
Student assistant

Fellowships and Grants

2017–2018 TRiSS Postgraduate Research Fellowship,
Trinity Research in Social Science (TRiSS)
2016–2019 Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship,
Irish Research Council
2015–2016 Postgraduate Ussher Fellowship,
Trinity College Dublin
2011–2015 Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowship,
German Academic Scholarship Foundation
(Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)

Professional Memberships


R Packages


  • Trinity Research in Social Science, Room 6001, Arts Building, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland